How to download my free Procreate brushes tutorial with screenshots!

If you would like to download my free Procreate brushes please follow these steps for success using your Ipad (Not Macbook or PC)

Step 1: click the link

Step 2: Sign in, Sign up or select ‘No, thanks. Continue to view’

Step 3: Continue to website if you don’t have the Dropbox app and/or don’t want it

Step 4: Select the 3 dots in the upper right

Step 5: Select ‘Direct Download’

Step 6: Select ‘Download’

Step 7: Select ‘Open in’

Step 8: Scroll until you see ‘Copy to Procreate’

Step 9: Procreate should open. Your brush will be in the brushes panel under ‘Imported’

Step 10 (optional): You can now drag your stamp/brush wherever you want to add it to a collection. I made a brush menu specifically for stamps.